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Start taking care of your furry friend's health today, physically and mentally, from illness and hidden diseases.

A World Almost Coming To An End…..

Copper lived a full life – he’s a bachelor, traveled the world, capturing beautiful moments and things with his camera. He was a blogger, always telling and sharing his global experience. 


His colorful world came to an abrupt end when he met with a traffic accident. He became blind.“It was a huge blow to my life and I was terribly depressed not knowing how to move on with my life. It was the darkest day of my life, literally.” – Copper. 

During one of his medical follow-ups in a clinic, a nurse seeing his predicaments, decided to talk to him and suggested for Copper to get a guide dog. At first, Copper was skeptical but later thought that it’s probably a good idea and decided to take the leap of faith. 


Copper bonded quickly with his guide dog, Rocky. Even though it took several weeks for Rocky to adapt to Copper’s lifestyle, he was always by Copper’s side taking care of his every step. “Rocky was like my eyes, bringing texture to my pitch-black world.” – Copper.

But happiness didn't last long... a similar traffic accident took Rocky's life too, leaving Copper devastated. But what ultimately struck on Copper is the real cause of Rocky's death, a complications of dental diseases

The Vet explained that bad dental hygiene had created a perfect environment for all sorts of bacteria to grow in the gum. The bacteria are usually not threatening but when there’s any wound or infection, it will become a fatal disease. 

Rocky, the inspiration

Copper decided on an idea Rocky gave him. He started searching for methods to save dogs from dental diseases. One day, he stumbled upon theDoggo Toothbrush™ in the internet. Not knowing how effective it is, he decided to get it for his new guide dog as soon as he adopts one. 

He taken good care of his new guide dog and bring him to the Vet once a month. The effect was shocking! The perfectly healthy gum and teeth even impressed the Vet.

The motivational story of Copper soon spread within the community. Copper took on the opportunity to promote the importance of dog's dental hygiene to individuals and even dog health institution, ultimately saving up to two millions of dogs from dental diseases.


We are committed to save dogs around the world, by providing the Doggo Toothbrush™ to all dogs lover in needs.