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Monday 2 November, 2020 | Niel Holland

A Beautiful Mind

This is Nathan, a 35-year old from Detroit. He is an auto engineer, a renowned one who once worked with a major car manufacturing plant in the city. He wants to tell everyone how he came up with an innovation that can help to save fuel consumption by as much as 15%.

A Dream Came True

Since young, Nathan’s favorite toy was miniature cars. As he grew older, the passion for cars grew as well. He had the knack in fixing cars. He knew that he wanted to be someone that can innovate auto vehicles. To do that, he focused his studies leaning towards to becoming an auto engineer

He successfully graduated with distinction and became an auto engineer. With his university distinction, he was up for grab by several major auto manufacturing companies. He joined one that’s not too big thinking that he would have greater opportunity to contribute his expertise.

His expertise was indeed fantastic. He came up with many innovative ideas that were well accepted by the management. He progressed very well in the company earning him promotions and salary increments. 

“Life was a bed of roses for me – happy in my job and I have a lovely family” – Nathan.

No White Christmas

Then in 2008 nearing Christmas, due to the global financial crisis, things took an ugly turn. Many businesses were affected and the auto industry was one of the most badly hit. Many workers were retrenched. “I was retrenched too. I was shocked! I lost my only source of income.” – Nathan. “We had the most somberChristmas ever”.

Nathan recalled “Then, I thought to myself – surely I can do somethings without needing to be part of a company. I pondered hard as to what I could do…. energy saving kept ringing in my head.” “Since my expertise is with auto vehicles, I began to study about fuel consumption.”


"I thought to myself. Different vehicles have different engines. It would be perfect to find a common solution that can apply to all types of vehicle. The newer vehicle models are equipped with OBD-II port that monitors emissions, mileage, speed and a host of other data about the vehicle. This port connects to the engine, making it the best spot to tune the vehicle using a programmed plug-in connector. "  

"Different drivers have different driving patterns. It’s important to make your vehicle understand the way you drive. Vehicles are generically produced, not specifically."

"It’s all about data." – Nathan.

Nathan’s idea came into reality. He invented an innovative Plug-in Connector. This connector can collect the data on the driving pattern of a driver for his or her own vehicle and thus telling the vehicle how to perform suitably for the owner. “Imagine – after 150 miles of drive, with the data received and analyzed, your vehicle will understand you and perform optimally in accordance with your driving pattern.” – Nathan.  

“Imagine – after 150 miles of drive, with the data received and analyzed, your vehicle will understand you and perform optimally in accordance with your driving pattern.” 

"I tested this innovation on many vehicles and had proven to save fuel between 13% to 18% depending on the vehicle types." – Nathan.  

He also noted that it does not adversely affect the settings on all the tested vehicles.

Conspiracy Theory

Nathan excitedly introduced his innovation to some auto manufacturing companies. Unexpectedly, they were all not interested in it that left Nathan completely perplexed. They were all hasty in saying “No, we are not interested.”

He soon found out that generally all auto manufacturers collaborated with all the major oil companies that vehicles are not to be made with significant fuel saving in mind. Oil prices were at the high during that time and vehicles that use lesser fuel would be bad news for the oil companies. 

Any attempt to disrupt this arrangement would simply not be welcomed. 

Let’s Be Quick

“This video may be halted anytime by the Dark Force, but before that happened, I hope as many people have the chance to see it and understand this small but tremendous cost saving capability of this device. It fits on any vehicle type.” – Nathan.

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