Difficult Roads often Lead to Beautiful Destination

Monday 6 October, 2020 | Jacqueline Watson

"Mike, this is your baby, Ted."
"Ted, this is your daddy, Mike."

Eva and Mike were loving couple. The first time they met was Mike came to the rescue of Eva when she was bullied by a group of brats. From that moment, the feeling between them was quite intense. 

Even though Eva's size was big, but Mike was attracted to her. With Mike's persistence to win Eva's heart, they fell in love and had wonderful time together. She felt so grateful and blessed to have the love of Mike. 

Their love blossomed and they talked about starting a family as Mike love having kids.

The Challenges of the Life

Eva had the problem of conceiving. 

Eva consulted a doctor and was told that the excessive amount of fat in her body creates excessive estrogen. 

It making it difficult for the ovaries to effectively produce egg cells. Her fertility can only be improved once the fat tissues are reduced.

For their dream of having a kid to be realized, Eva needs to lose weight by shedding off the fat. She worked very hard on it doing all kinds of exercise but it simply wasn't working. 

Eva's world was shattered when Mike was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and was told that he had only 3 months to spare.

They were devastated and their dream being together dissipated. Mike last wish was that someone who can accompany and take care of Eva when he's gone. Eva was desperate to fulfill the wish.

"I had to slimdown as quickly as possible!"

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination

Eva's neighbor came for a visit after knowing Eva's situation. 

Eva was astonished to see Kiara who had not long ago delivered a baby and now she looked great. Kiara lost weight and restored her shape in a month. 

Kiara told Eva that she used a natural organic product that had been passed down through generations within her society in India, especially for ladies who had just given birth. Most of ladies consume ginger as a method of lose weight. 

"Gingers contain gingerols and 6-paradol that will stimulate several biological activities in the body. It promotes metabolism, increase muscle mass, and helps tighten and lubricates abdominal muscle."

"Ginger can effectively slim down the body by burning the excessive fat tissues."

"I don't like to consume ginger as it's too spicy and hot. Instead I use Ginger Cream that I can apply externally on the body that works as effectively."


The Ginger Cream strengthens the elasticity of blood vessels enabling excess fluids and waste products to be discharged from the body.
It dissolves all the unnecessary fat deposits at the belly.

With nothing to lose, Eva started to using and applying the Ginger Cream on herself. She could feel the heat radiating on the parts of her body she applied it onto. 

After 2 weeks, her figure reduced and weight gone down. Eva was so delighted and able to spend wonderful moments with Mike.

After 3 months, Mike left Eva. 

She was carrying their treasure in her body and visiting at Mike’s grave, 

"Mike, this is your baby - Ted."

"Ted, this is your dad - Mike."

The memories of Mike and their wonderful moments will be forever cherished by Eva.

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