Untold Secret in Strandhill

A discovery that brought your health into the next level. 

Tuesday 29 December, 2020 | Dorothy Harris

For centuries, this small town known as Strandhill in Ireland has residents who are reputed to be the healthiest people in the world. The phenomenon made many medical researchers wondering the reasons for it and it was recently discovered. 

Here's the untold secret as to how the people of this magical town got their pinky health. 

Dr. Gill Robson, a nutritionist cum researcher did not think that it's just genetics. She thought that there's something mystical about the town. As part of her research stint, she decided to live there for several months. 

"I always admire the laid-back lifestyle of the Strandhill residents and the chill weather they enjoy most time of the year. The natural factors should be the main reason of it, but it seems like not."

The people in Strandhill age gracefully and visit to doctors are rare for most. But the thought of Dr. Gill are different from normal people, she think that there must be more to it. 

More than Meets the Eye

By starting the investigation, Dr. Gill began it by talking to the locals for insights.

Ciara Boyd, a 78-year old woman works as an attendant at Strandhill Beach for 45 years. Her routine is to prepare seaweed baths for detox treatment.

"We are blessed with a special type of seaweed and for centuries, we bath in seaweed. This seaweed is so rich in minerals and when we soak ourselves with it, it detoxifies our body. After that, we feel rejuvenated and energized. That's how we become healthy."

"We have been doing this from one generation to another."


Dr. Gill was shocked about it, she decided to give the soak with the seaweed a try for a week to experience it herself. 

Goodness of Mother Nature

To her amazement, the seaweed bath made a big difference to her well-being! 

"It's really amazing! I haven't felt this good and alive in years!"

"This is nature's way of detoxifying our bodies. It's inexpensive. Modern days' methods may sometimes be harmful with oral consumption of medicines and supplements."

Dr. Gill is well aware that seaweed is rich in iodine, which is excellent ingredient for detoxification. Micro-abrasive particles of the seaweed are able to extract heavy metals and toxins from the body. At the same time, they have the ability to soothe aches and pains through improvement of blood circulation. With improved blood circulation, cell metabolism gets revitalize, blood purified leading to enhancement of the body's immune system against threatening diseases. 

Dr. Gill Robson saw the potential of the seaweed as a great healing tool since this is little known to the world. With further research and innovation, she decided to make things convenient by using the seaweed in the form of foot patch. 

"I named it Paxter™, which infused with the goodness of minerals found in the seaweed, and salt extract as an added active ingredient. The cohesiveness of these two ingredients makes a perfect therapy for detoxification of the body."

-Dr. Gill

Simply Good and Testimonials

The usage of Paxter™ is so simple, just patch it on the sole of the feet overnight. The patch will then do all the works...

When the first batch of the patch was rolled out, Dr. Gill got some of her patients to try them out and amazing 90.89% of them commended saying that they felt energized, refreshed and lighter

These are some of the comments from Dr. Gill's patients. 

"I just put them on the other night and in the morning they turn brown from all the the toxin in my body, I feel so much better now though these are awesome!"                                 -Ayles

"Put it on the first night, and you're ready to see the result. Look at that this is from night one that I used it on my feet, I was like whoa! that is amazing to see what the end result is from the detoxification."                                                                          -Thomas

"I feel more energy and my joints didn't hurt, that was another thing I wanted to mention. I didn't realize this until I was like reading the box that it says that it helps with joint pain."                                                               -Coanne

It's clear now as why the Irish have been the healthies country for centuries. Now Paxter™ Patch is a roaring success and well in demand.

"I only hope Paxter™ will help others achieve healthy live too, this is why I do the research."

-Dr. Gill

Paxter™ has been a big hit since its official launch. However, with supply of seaweed from Strandhill is limited, the production of the patch is also limited. 

It's production simply couldn't keep up with the surge, grab it soonest possible before stock runs out! 

Don't let your health WAIT.